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Rodent Control

Rodents may cause serius damage to your residencial and commercial property. They may damage stored grains, furniture, toys, plastic items, cloths, foundation of building. Even they may damage insulation of electric wire, that may create serious fire hazard. Their droppings, urine and hair may contaminate the surroundings and and pose a serious health hazard including: Plague, Leptospirosis, Sallmonellosis, Murine typhus, Rat bite fever.

  • Our Trained technicians will inspect the affected areas.

  • We use safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly glue-based rat and mouse trap and RTU Wax Block Bait.

  • Suggestions on prevention of re-infestation are also given.

  • Consultation services for making your building Rodent Proof.

  • Annual Service Contract for Residencial and Commercial Premises which consists of treatment and regular check-ups to ensure better control of rodents.

  • Products for personal use can also be purchased from us.