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Mosquito Control

From the age of Dinosaurs, mosquitoes are known to have existed on the Earth. Mosquito bites are known to cause itching, rashes and even cause death. Mosquitoes are carriers of some of humanity’s most deadly illnesses. Mosquito-borne diseases cause millions of deaths worldwide. Nearly half of the world’s population is at risk for malaria. In 2015 malaria alone caused 438 000 deaths* .

*Data cited from WHO

  • Source Reduction, which incorporates physical control.

  • Biological Control using Larvicide and natural predators.

  • Mechanical Barrier – Insect Net .

  • ULV Spray at outdoor (If required)

  • Thermal Fogging (Recommended in epidemic case only that too maximum upto 3 times at 15 days interval).
  • Annual Service Contract for Residencial and Commercial Premises which consists of treatment and regular check-ups to ensure better control of Mosquitoes.